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Shoulder Bags

Both men and women use a messenger bags regularly as a fashion accessory and the features make them perfectly suitable for both genders. Some of these include adjustable shoulder straps, quick release buckles, multiple pockets and compartments for accessories. Hideo Wakamatsu has brought us two such bags - the Tarpaulin Messenger I and II – which offer these features and more. The Messenger II bags can also be attached to the range’s Trolley case. These shoulder bags are very popular among students, cyclists, commuters and office-goers. Compared to any other bags, they offer better accessibility. You can easily insert and remove items without having to remove the bag off your shoulder. A messenger bag is both functional and fashionable. They’re trendy, compact and manageable and with Hideo’s intelligent design, these bags can prevent back and shoulder soreness. They are very spacious and ideal for carrying books, files, folders, your laptop, and other supplies when you go to college or work. Hideo’s ‘Rozan’ briefcase is one his signature shoulder bags and is a global bestseller – favored by aspiring professionals. Recognised for its classical Japanese form, this is a stunning addition to anyone’s business ensemble. It’s made from the finest quality leather and offers considerable space for the accessories such as laptop, keys, mobiles and documents.

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