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Luggage Sets

For those of you with a family or plans for a lengthy vacation, then taking a 3-piece luggage set to hold all your gear is useful. Perhaps even essential! A luggage set may seem too big for all but the longest trips, but there are a number of great advantages to 3-piece suitcase sets, that make them worth having. Storage – You may be thinking that you haven’t got the room to store 3 suitcases easily. Actually, most luggage sets can ‘nest’ inside one another perfectly, for convenient storage in your wardrobe or attic. Hey presto – the set takes up as much room as a single suitcase. Multi-tasking – A great advantage of having a 3-piece luggage set is that you always have the right bag for every occasion. Hideo Wakamatsu luggage sets include a carry-on suitcase, which is the perfect size for overnight trips, while the medium size suitcase is great for weekend excursions and city breaks. You can mix and match the bags you need, depending on the type of holiday you’ve booked and the mode of transport you’ve chosen. For example, for a short trip to an exotic location you might take a slightly larger suitcase than necessary to have room for the souvenirs you'll bring home. It may be that you’re not sure about the climate, so need luggage to pack for all eventualities. Or if you’ve booked a cruise, well, you simply must have room for all your party-wear and matching shoes!! Having a set of luggage, however, doesn’t mean you have to use all the cases on every trip. One of the most useful benefits is that you can pack for the whole family. Matching - A matching luggage set always looks stunning and makes identifying your luggage easy at baggage reclaim. You may consider matching luggage to be low on the list of luggage must-haves, however, it’ll keep everything organised and help you to remember where you’ve packed your essential items. Most people buy luggage pieces separately and it often means that their bags don’t match – so set yourself apart from the crowd and purchase one of the Hideo Wakamatsu luggage sets. It’ll make you feel sensational!

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