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Hideo Wakamatsu


Born and raised in Tokyo, educated in Paris, designer Hideo Wakamatsu is a fast growing global presence in the world of high-end luggage brands. His family is Japan's leading maker of "Randoseru" - the traditional Japanese schoolbags. With this sort of dynasty behind you, it should come as no surprise that Hideo creates highly sought after luggage that combines Japanese functionality with French elegance. Each of his suitcases, cabin luggage, backpacks or briefcases is purposeful and beautiful. It makes you feel good when you use it.

In each of his signature pieces, Hideo Wakamatsu shows us - The Art of Luggage!

Concept to completion…

While living in Tokyo, Hideo regularly travels to Europe, Asia and North America to meet his customers and partners to gain their feedback in order to improve future products. Hideo oversees every stage of the process from concept to completion. He strongly believes that this hands-on role speeds up the process of bringing products to market. He’s also confident that this approach yields design ideas that are intelligent and focused on customer’s usage. It allows innovative, quirky and romantic features to develop, which would never happen during a mass-merchandiser's fragmented production process.

Brand values…

According to Hideo, designers shouldn’t reside in ivory towers, separated from the rest of us. His sincere belief is that successful design is deeply linked to fulfilling customer needs - and that you only truly discover that when you listen at first hand. That’s what drives his need to innovate. Hideo's beliefs, passions, skills and experience - define his unique style. His luggage epitomises the tenets of his brand – Design – Function – Innovation. When you own and use luggage by Hideo Wakamatsu, you’ll experience an emotional reaction. Pride – because it looks rich and elegant and will say something good about you when you carry it. Assurance – because it’s useful and offers long-lasting value. And Happiness – because its sheer luxury will make you smile! Find out more about the ranges.

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